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Ent. 01 Feb. 5 2017


 About the author:


There’s something really intriguing about a beautiful tattoo that we all recognize. I remember being a little kid and seeing an American Traditional sleeve while waiting for a table at a local Japanese restaurant with my parents. I was fascinated and after that initial barrage of questions I was hooked and as soon as I was old enough I made a Beeline to the public notary with parental consent my release form, mother in tow.


 Now I’m in the second year of a formal apprenticeship under mentors Mike “cheese” Resnick and Ryan Vincent at Kings Cross Tattoo and Art Gallery in Down Town North Miami Fl. With over 20 years of experience between the two of them I am in good hands. The awards on the walls and internationally published articles in tattoo magazine can attest.



 Lets Get to the Good Stuff:


  Now that were acquainted lets talk about getting a new tattoo. The tattoo process can seem a bit intimidating at first but worry not, I’m going to use this first installment to answer a few commonly asked questions and resolve some common concerns that may come up if your new to the world of tattoos.


 “I want a new tattoo but I’m not exactly sure what to get. Where should I start?”


 At Kings Cross we like to suggest that you begin by choosing a style that you like. There are some really solid options out there in the style department and there’s really something for everyone. Choosing a style will give the Tattooer an idea of the general look your going for. Im going to go into detail, dedicating an installment on all of the popular tattoo styles but for now here are some brief summaries on styles worth checking out.


American Traditional Tattoos- Tried and true you cant go wrong with Classic Americana. Old School designs with bright colors and bold out-lines, traditional tattoos can be spotted from across the street. We have a saying in the tattoo community “bold will hold” that means a well executed traditional tattoo will look good forever. American Traditional has been a thing for over 100 years and will never go out of style.


Neo-Traditional Tattoos- You know those really pretty lady heads, ravens and Victorian looking lanterns with the flames blowing in the wind? Welcome to the world of Neo. This style evolved from American Traditional into something pretty awesome. Clean outlines, smooth color blending makes for some next level work. With a deep color pallet you may come across some really nice earth tones as well as blues and purples that aren’t typically used in American Traditional. If you choose this style chances are that your going to end up with a portfolio quality tattoo.


New School Tattoos - Also based on American Traditional this type of tattooing that began in the 1970’s has exaggerated perspectives and amazing bright colors. Slightly more on the “ca

rtoony” side New School often strike people as something straight out of a science fiction novel.



Traditional Japanese Tattoos - Fu dogs, Dragons and Samurai warriors Traditional Japanese is the OG of tattoo styles! Traditional Japanese has been around for a while to say the least. The earliest evidence of tattoos in Japan dates back to 5,000 B.C.E. Known as “Irezumi” the art of decorating the body contrasts black and bright color to tell stories of mythological creatures, spiritual journeys and, folklore.


Black and Grey Tattoos - Smooth blending of various shades of black ink, Black and grey tattoos can range from simple religious symbols all the way to the Hyper Realistic. Believed to have originated as prison tattoos, Black and grey became a staple in the tattoo community in the 1980s when tattoo shops worldwide adopted it.


Geometric Tattoos - The up and coming contender, this style uses clean lines or stippling (individual dots) to form spiritually oriented patters such as the Flower of Life, Tree of Life Mandalas and, Lotus flowers.


Realistic Tattoos - Realism is a technical style of tattooing where the artist recreates a photo quality image. Truly one of the most impressive stiles to behold if you choose to wear a well executed realistic tattoo it will be a showstopper!


Polynesian Tattoos - Known as a sacred art the Polynesian is a tribal style of tattooing dating back to before the times of recorded history.  Polynesian is archipelago, a group of over 1,000 islands in the S South Pacific Ocean including Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. This iconic style uses the shapes and patterns used in Polynesian culture.


Fun fact: The word “Tattoo” originates from the Polynesian word “Tatu”.

Watercolor Tattoos - An impressionistic style, Watercolor tattooing uses “streaks” and “splashes” of color on and around the subject matter of the piece to give the appearance of paint on paper. Currently very popular for its bright and often pastel colors and contemporary art look, this relatively new style is an eye catcher.


Celtic Tattoos – This decretive style of tattoo use knot-like designs originally from Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland and, Scandinavia during the Iron Age. Once used by warriors to intimidate their enemies’ Celtic tattoos are still going strong today because of their ornate details and beauty.


Hand Drawn Lettering Tattoos – Got something to say? Ask for some Hand drawn Lettering! This classy style of tattooing rooted in the handwriting art of calligraphy has that custom look.  With clean lines and classic design elements Custom lettering continues to be one of the most popular styles around the world.

“How do I go about getting a Custom Drawn Tattoo?”


 Here at Kings Cross Tattoo it’s our mission to provide you with the custom tattoo your looking for. When you come to our shop we will have a few questions for you.


-What style are you interested in?

-What subject matter do you like?

-How big do you want your new tattoo to be?

-Where do you want your tattoo to be placed on your body?


Once we have an idea of what it is you want we will ask you to fill out a release form, make a copy of your Photo I.D. and, take a deposit (that goes toward the cost of your tattoo). Once we have the deposit we will set an appointment and get to work on your drawing.


When you come back for your appointment you and your tattoo artist will review the drawing and once its perfect we will begin your tattoo.


“Do you take walk-ins?”


 Yes we do! Just as long as we are available you are more then welcome to call or visit the shop with your tattoo ideas. Walk-ins are on a first come first serve basis.

“How much will my Tattoo cost?”


 There are several factors that go into the cost of your tattoo but it comes down to how long it will take. At Kings Cross we charge between $100-$150 /hr. Depending on the size and detail of your new tattoo the tattoo may suggest that you get tattooed in sessions and you will be given the option to pay by session. If your ballin’ on a budget our tattooers will be more then happy to design a high quality tattoo that works for you. It’s our job to make you happy!

“Do tattoos hurt?”


 Yes, they do. Some spots on the body do hurt worse then others and if your new to tattoos we would recommend that you place your tattoo somewhere less painful. We do offer three Dermanumb products to take the edge off. We carry a numbing cream for before your tattoo and, a spray and soap that the tattooer can use during the tattoo. If this options sound right for you we will add the dermanumb product to the cost of the tattoo.